Sterols and Sterolins - a
Natural Health Supplement


by Peter R. Rothschild

Copyright © 2000 by Peter R. Rothschild

The relentlessly increasing pace of contemporary life imposes unprecedented physiological and psychological demands on the human organism. These exigencies place unyielding and cumulative stress on our immune system, our nervous system and on our metabolism as well.

Nature created human beings with high precision. Yet, our growingly remorseless lifestyle pretends to modify in just one or two brief generations what nature lovingly developed for a very high purpose. Needless to say, the damage we inflict on our bodies is truly overwhelming at best.

Our unhealthy food intake, our evermore-polluted environment, our manifold toxic habits and the unrelentingly growing frictions caused by modern life and working conditions all contribute to both the general and genetic deterioration of the human organism. Scientific research is attempting to produce solutions to these snowballing problems. Thanks to the virtual eruption of newly acquired biological, genetic and biochemical information, science has conquered hitherto unsuspected knowledge that opens new horizons in health care and improvement.

Ongoing research revealed that most of our health problems gravitate around our immune response. This system constitutes the alliance of organs that are in charge of our body's defenses. However, the immune system represents a quite complex entity that requires constant attention because, if neglected, can malfunction in many ways. Thus our immune potential not only can fail to perform efficiently and leave us at the mercy of infections or toxins but also can engender genetic defects, or produce "mis-programmed" components that attack one or several tissues and organs. Such self-aggressive conditions are known as autoimmune diseases.

In addition, it was also discovered that the slow decay of the immune system does also trigger all of our aging processes. In other words, the deterioration of our immune components is ultimately responsible for making us grow old. The researchers coined a word for this complex biological process. It is called immunosenescence.

One of the corporations engaged in research of these phenomena is Lifeline Inc. in Albuquerque NM. The company's team developed a dietary supplement based on manifold sprout-derived sterols, their glucosides the sterolins, an assortment of enzymes and a micro-dose of complex carbohydrates.

Lifeline's Natur-Leaf ® capsules contain natural sprout-derived sterols, combined with sterolins - their native glucosides - and a proprietary enzyme sequence representing an all-natural formula isolated from a sophisticated blend of herbal components that breed true-to-life factors, which intelligently gird all necessities of a human body's immune response.

Enzymes are catalysts - they trigger either synthesis or breakdown processes - and are essential tools in every aspect of living tissues. Life would be impossible without their assistance. In the structural sense, enzymes are proteins that operate as minute electrical devices, which in spite of their microscopic size are capable of triggering and speeding up vital chemical reactions. There are thousands of enzyme types used by pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries. (For example the enzyme rennin turns the milk into cheese.)

Since their potentials are so manifold, enzymes with predictable specificities are in high demand. Yet, discovering hitherto unknown enzymes - in spite of the current state-of-the-art research programs - is largely a matter of luck. Natur-Leaf ® contains precisely such a set of newly isolated enzymes that also derive from germinating plants.

The germinating phase of plants - that is, the sprouting period - is virtually equivalent to the embryonic stage of warm-blooded animals. During this phase the sprouts develop antioxidant enzymes that invigorate the immune system by stimulating the production of robust antibodies.

The assortments of plants whose sprouts yield the above-described components of Natur-Leaf ® are specially treated during the germinating stage. These components induce vigorous immune responses that not only allow the organism to rise to most challenges it is exposed to but, by the same token, also slows down the general aging processes. They assist the detoxification of the body as well and regulate the healthy energy supply.

This is of paramount importance not only for general disease prevention, but also for specific immune enhancement in degenerative diseases and various aging processes as well. This appears particularly evident when the vast data processing mechanics of a human body is thoroughly scrutinized.

Thus, Natur-Leaf ® has no contraindications or side effects and can be safely administered as an extremely useful naturopathic dietary supplement in many pathological conditions. Furthermore, Natur-Leaf ® is perfectly compatible with virtually any prescription medication.

Since all components of Natur-Leaf ® consist of all-natural and non-restricted substances - none of which is habit forming - its use can be continued and discontinued at will, without the slightest risk of any withdrawal symptoms.

The components of Natur-Leaf ® constitute a new and exciting concept of natural state-of-the-art healthcare and also offer a most promising avenue to be explored by progressive health practitioners.