Sterols and Sterolins - a
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Plant Sterol

The health benefits of fatty acids such as those found in fish, olive oil and nuts have received a lot of notice in recent years. There are, however, other types of vegetal fats, known as sterols, which offer even more benefits. These include not only the reduction of cholesterol levels, but also anti-inflammatory properties, support for the immune system, shrinking of enlarged prostate tissue and relief from symptoms of menopause.

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Plant sterols were first isolated back in 1922, but it is only in recent decades that their remarkable properties have been understood. These naturally occurring compounds are present in almost all plants, but their bioavailability in a normal diet is unfortunately low. It is also difficult to extract them using ordinary methods, since heat and chemical processing destroys their effectiveness.

The best source for plant sterols is Natur-Leaf®, a nutritional supplement created from a proprietary blend of plants. Lupins sprouts, Fenugreek sprouts, Barley sprouts, Soybean sprouts, African Sunflower sprouts, Pygeum africanum, and the Wild African Potato root are harvested at the peak of their nutritional value, then freeze-dried. Though it has been used in other countries for some time, it has only been available in the United States since 1999.

Plant sterols are highly recommended for anyone suffering from autoimmune diseases such as lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, or rheumatoid arthritis. Since they nourish the immune system, they may also help those free of these diseases to ward off ordinary infections such as colds, flu and viruses. Natur-Leaf® is a pure, natural supplement which has been used by thousands with no side effects.