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Lupus Pain

If you're living with lupus, you're living with pain. There's pain in your bones and joints. You may suffer from migraine headaches or the muscular aches of fibromyalgia. Traditional remedies such as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) may help, but their use involves significant side effects such as gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers.

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There are two approaches to managing your pain. The first is to try to avoid, as much as possible, the triggers that cause a flare-up. Stress is one of the primary triggers, so stress-reduction techniques such as meditation, biofeedback or self-hypnosis may help, as might gentle exercise that doesn't put pressure on your joints. Yoga or swimming, for instance, might be useful.

The second approach is to try to mitigate the inflammation that causes the pain. Traditionally, this is often attempted with steroids, particularly prednisone, but once again the side effects can be serious. Heat, rest and gentle massage may offer some relief, and there are nutritional supplements that can reduce inflammation.

The most effective of these is Natur-Leaf®, which delivers natural plant fats (sterols and sterolins) to the body in a usable form. Inflammation is the result of the action of antibodies, an appropriate response to infections, but in the case of lupus and other autoimmune diseases, the antibodies attack otherwise-healthy cells. While they are not analgesics in themselves, plant sterols provide support to the immune system, helping to modulate over activity and therefore ease the pain of inflammation.