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Living With Lupus

The prognosis for lupus sufferers is much better today than it was in previous decades. But quality of life is just as important as longevity. Lupus can be a particularly difficult disease to live with, since you never know when or where it might strike next. There are, however, steps you can take to help manage your lupus.

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Stress is a major trigger for flare-ups, so you should make use of any stress-reduction technique that works for you. Gentle exercise such as yoga or swimming may help, as may meditation or self-hypnosis. Maintaining a strong support group is also helpful, whether from formal meetings or the informal support of friends and family. Be sure to get plenty of rest.

Learn to recognize the most common signs predicting a flare-up. These include increased fatigue, headache, dizziness, rash and fever. Flu shots are often recommended for lupus sufferers to ward off infections. Exposure to sunlight can often trigger attacks, so always wear protective clothing and sunscreen.

Recent research suggests that the Mediterranean diet, with its emphasis on "good" fats such as olive oil and fatty fish, may help support your immune system. There is another "good" fat found in plants that has a similar effect, but unfortunately, it can't be effectively accessed by diet. These are sterols and sterolins, naturally occurring substances in all plants. Your best source for adding sterols and sterolins to your diet is Natur-Leaf®, a natural nutritional supplement that provides a high sterols to sterolins ratio. Each capsule of Natur-Leaf® contains approximately 40 mg of plant sterols, sterolins, and related phytonutrients.