Sterols and Sterolins - a
Natural Health Supplement

Improve Immune System

The human immune system is a highly complex combination of many different functions. On the simplest level, there are physical barriers such as the skin. On the tissue and cellular levels, there are myriad structures and chemicals that interact in highly evolved ways to combat foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria. Any disruption in this delicate system opens the body to numerous diseases and disorders. In fact, if the immune system were to fail entirely, a person would die within days from the onslaught of infections.

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Keeping the immune system healthy, then, is an important consideration in preventing disease. There are substances found in all plants that provide support and modulation to the immune system, working against both immunodeficiency (an immune system that fails to respond effectively) and autoimmune disease (in which an overactive immune system attacks its own body.) These substances, known as plant sterols, were first discovered in 1922, but their effectiveness as a nutritional supplement has only recently gained notice.

Unfortunately, the body can't process plant sterols efficiently through diet alone. They are bound to the plant's fiber, which means it would be almost impossible to eat enough vegetables to gain any real benefit. Also, cooking and preserving vegetables can destroy sterols.

Natur-Leaf® is a nutritional supplement that provides plant sterols and sterolins in a form easily used by the body. In addition to sterols, Natur-Leaf® also provides essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients your body needs. Natur-Leaf® is a natural supplement that is side-effect free and safe to use daily.