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Help For Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by widespread pain in the muscles and soft tissues, can have a devastating effect on the quality of one's life. The pain takes many forms: shooting, radiating, burning, and stabbing. It can be mild or severe. It can go into remission during the midday hours or be unrelenting. Neither its causes nor its cures are known at this time.

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There are, however, ways in which a patient can help manage his or her fibromyalgia and obtain some relief. Stress reduction, whether through meditation, biofeedback, participation in a support group or some other means, can be very valuable. Mild aerobic exercise can also reduce stress and has benefits for the joints and muscles as well. Be sure to start slowly and carefully with warm-up stretching. Yoga, walking and water exercise are good ways to start.

Stress reduction and limiting caffeine and other stimulants may help you get more restful sleep as well. Sleep dysfunction is closely associated with fibromyalgia, though it is unclear whether it is a symptom or a partial cause. Counseling and education in pain management are also recommended.

There are also dietary supplements which can help. One of the best is Natur-Leaf®, which delivers plant sterols in a useable form. These sterols can't easily be accessed through diet alone, and many supplements that claim to contain sterols have damaged them through the extraction process. Natur-Leaf®, however, uses a proprietary method to obtain sterols and sterolins from plant sprouts and tree bark with no loss of potency. Adding Natur-Leaf® to your diet may help lessen inflammation and strengthen your immune system, with no noxious side effects.