Sterols and Sterolins - a
Natural Health Supplement

Boost Immune System

There are many very serious diseases and disorders that result from an immune system that functions improperly. Immunodeficiency results when the system's reaction to invading substances is weak or slow. Autoimmune diseases are a result of an overactive immune system, which attacks its own body.

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Even slight malfunctions, however, can create chronic problems. An over-zealous response to foreign substances can make your life miserable with allergies. A sluggish immune response leaves you open to an unending succession of minor disorders such as colds, flu, stomach viruses, etc. And even if your body is able to fight off some of these problems, the struggle could leave you with chronic fatigue, weakness and malaise.

Even in the absence of major immune disorders, then, boosting the immune system can improve your general vitality. A substance discovered back in 1922 has recently been shown to provide support to the human immune system. This substance is plant sterols, a compound that occurs naturally in all plants. Unfortunately, the compound is bound to plant fiber, which makes it difficult to access through digestion, and it is easily destroyed by processing or cooking.

Natur-Leaf® is a nutritional supplement derived from Lupins sprouts, Fenugreek sprouts, Barley sprouts, Soybean sprouts, African Sunflower sprouts, Pygeum africanum, and the Wild African Potato root. The sterols and other phytonutrients are obtained through a proprietary process. To ensure that these sterols are easily accessed by the body, Natur-Leaf® also contains the optimum level of sterolins--in fact, Natur-Leaf®'s 6:1 sterols to sterolins ratio mimics that found in nature. With no reported side effects, plant sterols and sterolins show great promise for building and balancing the human immune system.