Sterols and Sterolins - a
Natural Health Supplement

Benefits Of Plant Fats

Plant fats, including sterols and sterolins, were first discovered in 1922, but it is only in the last 20 years that their unique benefits have been determined. When taken as a dietary supplement, plant fats have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, support the human immune system, improve urinary function and alleviate symptoms of menopause.

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Sterols and sterolins occur naturally in all plants, but unfortunately they can't be effectively accessed by diet alone. Plant fats are bound to fiber, which means that they mostly pass through your digestive system. Cooking or processing can also destroy their effectiveness, which makes it difficult to obtain sterols.

Natur-Leaf® is a natural supplement that retains the useful components unharmed. Its ingredients include Lupins sprouts, Fenugreek sprouts, Barley sprouts, Soybean sprouts, African Sunflower sprouts, Pygeum africanum, and the Wild African Potato root. At the peak of their nutritional value, these plants are harvested and quickly freeze-dried so that the nutrients can be obtained intact. Natur-Leaf® also provides the perfect balance between sterols and sterolins. This 6:1 ratio of sterols to sterolins is important in making the beneficial compounds available to the body.

While this supplement has been widely used in Europe and around the world, it has only been available in the United States since 1999. Clinical trials have shown improvement in 94 percent of those who took Natur-Leaf®. Thousands of people to date have used it with no negative side effects. If you have high cholesterol levels, autoimmune disease, enlarged prostate or difficulty managing the symptoms of menopause, try Natur-Leaf®.