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Autoimmune Disease Symptoms

There are more than 40 diseases affecting humans that are caused by their own immune systems attacking their bodies. In the United States, nearly 90 percent of all patients suffering from autoimmune diseases are women. Autoimmune diseases may attack several different parts of the body. Diabetes, for example, results from an autoimmune attack on the pancreas, whereas psoriasis attacks the skin and arthritis attacks bone and joints.

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Autoimmune diseases can be very difficult to diagnose. Lupus, for example, can attack any part of the body, and often several at once. It is often called "the great imitator" because it can appear to be many different diseases. Early symptoms of many autoimmune diseases are subtle, such as fatigue, joint pains, or nonspecific rashes. One suspects, too, that the fact that the majority of sufferers are women has, at least in past decades, led to these symptoms being dismissed or considered to be signs of hypochondria or psychosomatic problems.

Autoimmune diseases tend to be both chronic and debilitating. They are often treated with prescription drugs, particularly steroids, but the side effects are problematic. Recent research has indicated that the autoimmune system can be regulated with a naturally occurring plant substance called sterols. Unlike steroids, sterols have no reported side effects.

Natur-Leaf® is a nutritional supplement that contains about 40 mg of sterols and sterolins in each capsule. Sterolins are necessary because they help the body absorb sterols. What sets Natur-Leaf® apart is its high sterols to sterolins ratio, 6:1, which is the natural ratio found in plants. While most autoimmune diseases have no true cure, providing nutritional support to the immune system can help reduce symptoms significantly.