Sterols and Sterolins - a
Natural Health Supplement

Alternative Therapy For Lupus

Lupus is a chronic, debilitating disease caused by an overactive immune system. There is currently no known cure. The medications traditionally used to control minor flare-ups include NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)--which can cause gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers--and anti-malarial medications, which can cause retinal damage. For severe attacks, steroids and immunosuppressant medicines are prescribed, both of which can have even more severe side effects.

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One means of alternative therapy for lupus utilizes plant sterols to balance and support the immune system. Sterols and sterolins, (which aid in the absorption of sterols), occur naturally in all plants, but unfortunately, they can't be easily accessed through diet. The sterols are bound to plant fiber, which means they are mostly excreted, and it would be difficult to eat enough plant material to have any real effect on the immune system.

Furthermore, sterols are destroyed by most cooking and processing methods, which has made obtaining them difficult. Natur-Leaf®, however, is a nutritional supplement that contains approximately 40 mg of high-potency sterols and sterolins in each capsule. These nutrients are obtained in the proprietary phytonutrients blend of the product and maintain the 6:1 sterols to sterolins ratio found in nature.

Some methods of extraction actually destroy these compounds. To create Natur-Leaf®, an exclusive blend of sprouts are harvested at the peak of their efficacy, then freeze-dried, placed in capsules and bottled under strict supervision. Natur-Leaf® is a safe, natural dietary supplement that has been used by thousands with no adverse side effects.