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I have been diagnosed Jan 2003 and have made tremendous improvement since taking Natur-Leaf ®. Most remarkable is that my kidney function, which was down to 40% had been restored to 100% within 6 months. Worries over the condition of my heart have also been overcome. I have had no relapse, nor suffered from any other illness or condition since I started taking Natur-Leaf ®. The doctors have been able to drop my medication of immune suppressants and steroids much more quickly than might otherwise have been possible. R. M. (England)

"I would like to thank you for your excellent product, Natur-Leaf®. I have personally been using it for 5 months with INCREDIBLE RESULTS. I have been sick with debilitating allergies for the past 7 years. . . I have been strongly recommending it to my fellow doctors in this area.” Dr. L.H. (Colorado)

Upon using your product, "Natur-Leaf" I have found remarkable benefits to my lifestyle. Before Natur-Leaf I could not imagine A day without joint pain. I tried every cream and pill on the market with little or no help. With Natur-Leaf I can truthfully say it has done a world of good for me, and that's not all; my last doctor appointment my doctor said that my cholesterol was absolutely great. I don't know how it works, but to the makers of Natur-Leaf my heartfelt thanks.

P.S. I have several of my children and friends on it now.
L.L. (Kentucky)

Six years ago I was diagnosed with ... . My holistic doctor, who I respect greatly, placed me on an alternative medicine protocol. At that time my doctor changed my protocol and the main ingredient in the new program is Natur-Leaf...I just received the results from my last test – I am so encouraged! T.J. (Idaho)

Many of the patients that I see in my clinical practice suffer from problems with their immune systems. Over the years I have learned to better understand not only what the immune system is, but what can go wrong. When I first heard about Natur-Leaf I was excited about its clinical implications. Since including it in my treatment protocols, I am very satisfied with the results that I have seen in a wide variety of conditions. I invite other clinicians to learn about the benefits of Natur-Leaf.
Dr. H.B. Assoc. Professor of Nutrition (New York)

I am 74 years old and have been taking Natur-Leaf for over a year. I work every day or play golf. I get up feeling good. I think you have a great product.
H.G.S. (Ohio)

Your plant sterol product, Natur-Leaf, has been outstandingly helpful to me. I am 61 years old and I have lots of health issues and a general tendency to be unable to combat infections on my own…Natur-leaf seems to have balanced my immune system so that my symptoms have diminished by about 50%….It has increased my ability to fight off infections of all kinds. I do hope your business will prosper and expand. If I had to do without your product, I would be in very bad shape. Thanks so much for your work. Dr. W.C. (New Jersey)

I started to take Natur-Leaf because I suffered from seasonal allergies. I tried everything, including medications. Not only did Natur-Leaf help with my allergies, I noticed that I have not had a cold since.
M.M. (New York)

I suffered from seasonal allergies for ten years. Not any more. Since taking Natur-Leaf I feel much better.
J.J. (New York)

My husband and I would like to thank you for your product, Natur-Leaf. It has really helped our immune systems. We are crazy about it.
J.W. (Kentucky)

Several years ago I was diagnosed with...I had taken medications and then looked into alternative therapies. I heard about Natur-Leaf and thought I would give it a try. Was I surprised. It has helped my joints and improved my range of motion. B.P. (New York)

I am so pleased to find and use Natur-Leaf. I had never heard of sterols/sterolins until I found your natural product. Since being on your product, I have not had the flu or other illnesses and I am feeling great! In addition to vitamins, Natur-Leaf is also on my daily regimen since it provides nutrition that I cannot get in my other vitamin supplements. Everyone should be on this product.
J.D. (New Mexico)

I started to take Natur-Leaf instead of my prostate supplement. I couldn’t believe the difference. Within days I felt an improvement in my symptoms. I stopped the medication as well. B.P. (New York)

I have been on the dreaded prednisone for the past nine years...until I tried Natur-Leaf. I’ve been on it now for 6 months and I have reduced my prednisone to 2 ˝ mg, which I could not have done in all the 9 years previously. I feel loads better. My strength has returned and I feel that I will some day write you stating that I have been able to completely end my regimen of taking prednisone! This may all sound like a miracle, but I know it’s working for me. R.M. (Virginia)

Early last year it was recommended to me that I should include Natur-Leaf® in my regime. On the 16/12/04 I faxed you an order for 3 cases (36 bottle) as per your instructions, I commenced Natur-Leaf® as soon as it arrived and remained solely on this for a couple of months. The effects were noticed within a couple of weeks, the severe inflammations were drastically reduced and I began to feel better than I have for over 14 years then added other products aimed at killing off the bacteria which caused my sickness. I was on 9/capsules per day from the start...unwanted inflammations are kept to a absolute minimum... I intend staying on 9/day for some time and then reducing to 5/day the rest of my life. Best Regards, M.H. (United Kindgom)

I just wanted to share that your product is truly remarkable.... I can't wait to get blood work done again to prove it to my skeptical doctor! Natur-Leaf is amazing & I will never let my supply run out again.... I can also vouch from previous blood work that within a few months of using Natur-Leaf, my anti-thyroid peroxidase antibody reading went from a thyroid-destroying level of 240 (--it should be under 40!), to under 10!!! M.K. (Nova Scotia, Canada)

“The benefits of this product has brought me back from a painful state to almost feeling like my old self. I have been taking it for about 5 years. It has really worked wonders and whenever I run out, by the third day I’m feeling a lot more pain.” G.V. (California)

I sell natural health supplements and became interested in your product after my grandfather used it and experienced remarkable benefits. He is in his late 80s with a lung condition that is supposed to be progressive but since taking this it has stopped progressing. Anyway, I am very interested in adding this product to my supplements and or eliminating a lot of other items I carry.

I just wanted to say that Natur-Leaf® is one of the few that I have consistently taken over the past years. More than once a bug has come through our house and I only got a touch of it or none at all. Of course I do get the small common cold, but other viral bugs that are really horrible, do not bother me. I now have my husband taking your product...usually he gets sick and it turns into pneumonia. This year, that did not happen. So I am feeling that I might have him around for a while.

I think the most important thing is that people know that you can't just take this product for a few weeks.... it has a cumulative effect from what I can tell.

Thanks again, for making a product that does what it says it will do and more!

A.P. (Florida)

I have been using Natur-Leaf for several months in order to reduce inflammation in my joints. I have been taking 4 capsules a day. It has helped with the inflammation, yet I think I should try to up the dosage for a time and see if I could reduce my use of two other prescribed medications.

I greatly appreciate the help Natur-leaf has afforded my life, and I am interested in information about a Distributorship.
G.A.H. (New York)

Dr. Chris Morris, ND, the Clinical Director of Transformational Health states:

"Thus, if there is any family predisposition to major or minor health issues for patients, supplementation with sterols/sitosterolins would be beneficial as a means of prevention. But I'm not using the phytosterols just as protectors against some illness; instead, I apply them generally as a source of patient vitality".

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