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Beta Sitosterol

Although new to the U.S.A., sterols/sitosterolins—plant fats, including beta sitosterol—have been used to great advantage in Europe and South Africa for many years! These natural phytosterols allow the human body to manufacture its own building blocks in order to enhance a healthy immune system. Over 30 years of scientific research and numerous clinical studies have proven the benefits of sterols/sitosterolins; 94% of the patients in our clinical trials of sterols/sitosterolins in the Natur-Leaf ® natural health supplement showed improvement.

To our knowledge, Natur-Leaf ® products provide the strongest concentration of sterols, sitosterolins and phytonutrients available in the world today. Natur-Leaf ® is a unique, natural immune modulator consisting of a proprietary blend of five different plant sprouts, the African potato root and Pygeum africanum -- all imported from South Africa. A recent laboratory analysis shows that Natur-Leaf ® has more than 40 mg of sterols/sterolins (including beta sitosterol) per capsule, in addition to the many phytonutrients derived from sprouts, roots and tree bark.

Natur-Leaf ® works by feeding the immune system with phytonutrients that one cannot get in vitamin supplements or in most foods today. Decades of research and usage have shown the effectiveness of sterols/sterolins in helping to relieve symptoms of diseases and illnesses while reducing cholesterol absorption. Most recently, health professionals in the United States are starting to realize the benefits of including beta sitosterol and other good plant fats in the human diet. This is why there are several different vital plant fats in Natur-Leaf ®.

Although a lot of products claim to have sterols, studies indicate that it is the ratio of sterols to sterolins that help determine bioavailability. The ratio in Natur-Leaf ® is what is found in nature: about 6 to 1. Since our product is natural, sometimes the ratio is stronger. No other product is comparable to Natur-Leaf ® .

Natur-Leaf ® is harvested at its peak, frozen the same day, and then freeze-dried by an approved processor using Good Manufacturing Practices. In the freeze-drying process, the whole plant sprouts are frozen in a chamber to preserve their unique vital phytonutrients. This saves going through the partially destructive process of crushing or juicing the natural plant. The result is a concentration of the very best parts of plants and vegetables to help provide your immune system the nutrition it needs to help keep you healthy, active and more resistant to disease. On-going research continues to discover new benefits of these plant fats.

Discover what you are missing today—order Natur-Leaf ®, a natural health supplement!





Potential Benefits of Sterol, Sterolin, and Beta Sitosterol Usage
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